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Welcome to A&C Logs

Handily located between Bath and Frome, we provide Kiln Dried Seasoned Firewood (Logs). We offer Single/Double loads delivered to your door. Let us know what size logs you want and when you want them!

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These are becoming more popular due to their consistent low moisture content. Our logs are very high quality and ideal for woodburners and open fireplaces.

Why we sell by the cubic metre

In our opinion, firewood should always be purchased by volume and not weight. Wet logs will be much heavier than dry logs, so not only will you get a lot less for your money you could well get a poorer quality end product delivered.

Also, every type of wood has a different density and weight, therefore the size of the loads will vary depending on the species of tree used.

Finally, how can you tell when a vehicle turns up at your house if they have the specified weight in the back? By dealing in volume (cubic metres) it removes all the ambiguity around these three points and allows the purchaser to know exactly what they are getting for their money before they arrive on or at their property.

Ideal for those who have restricted storage space. These handy nets measuring 48cm x 78cm contain approximately 12 logs. Minimum order 10 nets.

Great value large net of kindling. Net measures approximately 45cm x 60cm.

We deliver our kiln dried seasoned logs in two trailor load sizes, these are referred to as a 'single load', or a 'double load'.

These pictures give an indication of their size but if you'd like more information before you order please contact us at any time.

Natural Firelighters

These firelighters are made from natural, renewable, untreated wood shavings dipped in fully refined paraffin wax. Great for Wood Burning Stoves, Open Fires, Pizza Ovens, Charcoal barbecues, Chimeneas and Camp Fires. These natural firelighters come in packs of 24, 50 and 200 so click below to order yours today.

100% Wood from
well managed forests

Frank Shellard - A&C Logs

Literally born into a family who have always been connected with trees and wood.

His late grandfather started his career as a Forester on the Longleat Estate and Franks' father by trade was a carpenter and joiner. His firewood career started in the early seventies selling firewood to both the local villages and businesses in and around Bath.

He can never recall a time when the family have not chopped wood and owned a chain saw, axe and processing equipment, indeed the picture shows Frank chopping wood with his late grandfather's axe, first used to fell trees on the Longleat estate.

Frank prides himself on a good service, punctuality of delivery and an excellent product line, backed up with a family history of the wood trade with total commitment. "To all customers old and new - Thank you for your trust and support"

Frank Shellard MI Agri Eng

Please use the email order form opposite or contact at the address below:

Little Horse Croft Farm

07860 838788